As a retiring member, you can join the Retired Teachers in Finland (OSJ), OAJ’s special organisation for seniors.

Retired Teachers in Finland (OSJ) is a Finnish national organisation of retired teachers. The organisation has over 20,000 members from all of OAJ’s member groups. All of OAJ’s members who are retiring are entitled to become members of OSJ.

OSJ’s members receive access to health, cultural and recreational activities and excellent membership benefits. We will pay your membership fee for the year you join.

Membership details of a retiring teacherOSJ

How can I join OSJ?

If you are retiring, you must notify OAJ’s membership services yourself.

You can submit notification of your retirement and at the same time join OSJ using the change notification form. Only logged-in users can fill in this form.

If you have already retired, you can join OSJ yourself by submitting the required information either to OSJ’s office or OAJ’s membership services.

Change notification form (in Finnish)OSJ's office

Recreation and networking

OSJ’s objective is to improve the social benefits of its members and secure their pension benefits. OSJ also organises training events and the organisation has 72 active local associations around Finland. The local associations organise a variety of activities related to health, culture and recreation. For more information on OSJ and its activities, visit OSJ’s website.

As OSJ’s member, your benefits include the OAJ calendar, the Senioriopettaja magazine and discounts on insurance premiums, petrol, magazine subscriptions, spa services and Holiday Club vacations.

Professional cover for persons working during retirement

If you work during your retirement, you are entitled to receive, subject to a separate fee, a service package, which includes professional indemnity and legal expenses insurance. Read more about the package on OSJ’s website.

Our ‘Pay, conditions & help’ page offers you useful tips and information on retiring.

Read more about additional cover for persons working during retirement (in Finnish)‘Pay, conditions & help’ web page