Katarina Murto is OAJ's new president

11.05.2022 - 10:51 News

Master of Law and Dance teacher Katarina Murto is OAJ’s next president. Ms. Murto was elected in the first round of voting at the OAJ Council meeting in Helsinki on 10 May.

Ms. Katarina Murto, 50, who served as Akava’s Labour Market Director, will begin her four-year presidency immediately. She follows the resigning OAJ president, Olli Luukkainen, PhD.

Ms. Murto has worked in teaching for ten years at the turn of the millennium, most recently as a lecturer in dance at the Theatre Academy. Since her teaching career, she has worked as a lawyer and a notary. Since 2011, she has made a career in the labour market, for example as the head of employment conditions at the Finnish Confederation of Trade Unions SAK and as a Director at STTK.

Ms. Murto’s expertise, required by the demanding presidential post, are strong knowledge and skills in labour market policy, leadership experience and managerial skills and extensive networks of social influence. She received a strong mandate from the OAJ Council. The votes were distributed among the candidates as follows: Murto 81, Helimo 30, Nieminen 19, Pöntynen 15, Suihkonen 2 and Korhonen 1.

Ms. Murto says she is very happy about the trust shown to her.

– The starting point of my work is to emphasize the appreciation and relevance of work in the field of education, training and research. I want to strengthen the labour market and advocacy position of the OAJ members, act in accordance with OAJ’s values and develop the organisation in good and open cooperation with OAJ decision-makers and members.

Katarina Murto will be available for members in a week’s time, when Sauna forum will be open on 18 May at 18 o’clock for more information on the negotiations and contract matters.

Text: Riikka Juva
Foto: Jarkko Mikkonen