Outcome reached in the state sector negotiations

01.03.2022 - 08:53 News

An outcome was reached in the collective agreement negotiations for state civil servants and employees under contract yesterday. The achieved solution applies to 600 members of the OAJ.

Valtion virka- ja työehtosopimusneuvotteluissa syntynyt neuvottelutulos menee seuraavaksi järjestöjen hallintojen käsittelyyn ja sopimuksen sisällöstä kerrotaan, kun kaikkien neuvotteluosapuolten hallinnot ovat sen hyväksyneet.

The solution reached will next be assessed by the organisations’ administrations. The content of the agreement will be published only after the agreement parties’ administrations have approved the content.

After the main agreement, the specific collective agreements for state civil servants will be negotiated. OAJ’s members working for the state belong within the scope of these collective agreements. These include, for example, Valteri schools and language schools, i.e. the Helsinki French-Finnish School, the Finnish-Russian School and the European School of Helsinki. In addition, educational institutions within the scope of the Finnish National Agency for Education are the Sámi Education Institute and the Meriturva Maritime Safety Training Centre. Other state educational institutions also include the Training Institute for Prison and Probation Services, the Emergency Services Academy Finland under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the reform schools under the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.