The OAJ suspends its cooperation with ESEUR

02.03.2022 - 08:54 News

The OAJ suspends its cooperation with ESEUR for the time being and condemns Russia's actions in Ukraine.

OAJ has decided to suspend its cooperation with the Education and Science Employees’ Union of Russia ESEUR. OAJ has also approached the Executive Board members of Education International (EI) to freeze cooperation with ESEUR. OAJ has also been in contact with the EI Secretary General to ban ESEUR and the Russian delegation from participating in the international ISTP2022 conference.

ESEUR is a member of the Russian Federation FNPR. The FNPR has taken a stand on the issue of Ukraine and has taken a strong stance in favour of Russia's hostilities. The teachers' union ESEUR has published the FNPR statement on its own website. OAJ considers that it is therefore currently impossible to continue cooperation.

OAJ supports Ukraine together with the international community of teachers and condemned Russia's hostilities in Ukraine on the day of the attack on 24 February. You can read more about OAJ's position on the blog of Jenni Arnkil and Kaj Raiskio.

OAJ is particularly concerned about children in the midst of war. The OAJ is helping children and families, especially in the midst of the acute crisis, through substantial donations to UNICEF, Save the Children and the Finn Church Aid fundraisers in Ukraine.

– We are also ready for additional contributions, and we are waiting for information on whether we will be able to help the two teachers' organizations in Ukraine through EI, says Jenni Arnkil, OAJ's Organization Manager.

– We also recommend that our member associations and members donate to the fundraisers to the best of their ability.

Many unions have now terminated their contracts with Teboil because of Russia's actions. OAJ terminated its cooperation with Teboil as early as 2019. At that time, the decision was affected by environmental and human rights issues.


Links to Ukraine fundraisers:

UNICEF - donation page in FinnishSave the Children - Pelastakaa Lapset ryFinn Church Aid - donation page in Finnish