Solution found in the negotiations of the private social services sector

08.06.2023 - 16:14 News

The negotiations regarding the private social sector were finalised as the parties were able to agree on a solution.

A solution was finally reached in the labour dispute of the private social services sector. The main contracting parties reached a solution on the content of the agreement at the national conciliator’s office today, Thursday 8 June. The content of the proposal will be explained in more detail once the administrations of the contracting parties have processed it. The solution was preceded by several strikes, in which OAJ members also participated.

The ban on overtime and shift change will also end immediately.

According to OAJ’s Special Advisor Kirsi Sutton, OAJ is ready to start the interrupted negotiations on the accession protocol as soon as it suits the Finnish Association of Private Care Providers (Hyvinvointiala ry).

The non-contract status of the private social services sector began at the beginning of May. Almost 900 OAJ members are covered by the contract. The members work in private ECE centres as early childhood education teachers, special education teachers and daycare centre managers.