Second ban on overtime and shift change for OAJ members in municipal sector

The second extensive ban on overtime and shift change will become effective in the municipal sector and applies also to the members of OAJ. The ban on overtime and shift changes was announced by the negotiating organisations Juko and Jau.

14.03.2022 News
Second notice of strike issued in the municipal sector – threat of strike in Tampere and Kuopio

OAJ and the negotiating organisation JUKO are now issuing a second notice of strike. The notice of strike concerns the cities of Tampere and Kuopio. The strike would involve 4,000 members of the OAJ.

11.03.2022 News
Threat of municipal sector strike in Jyväskylä and Rovaniemi 23–24 March 

OAJ and its negotiation organisation JUKO are involved in the extensive municipal sector strike that will initially concern the cities of Jyväskylä and Rovaniemi. The union employees of JUKO will strike on 23–24 March 2022, unless a solution to the agreement is found or the strike is postponed before these dates.  The strike would concern over 2,200 OAJ members in Jyväskylä and Rovaniemi. 

07.03.2022 News
Ban on overtime and shift change for OAJ members in municipal sector

An extensive ban on overtime and shift change will become effective in the municipal sector and applies also to the members of OAJ. The ban on overtime and shift changes was announced by the negotiating organisations JUKO and JAU.

02.03.2022 News
The OAJ suspends its cooperation with ESEUR

The OAJ suspends its cooperation with ESEUR for the time being and condemns Russia's actions in Ukraine.

02.03.2022 News
Outcome reached in the state sector negotiations

An outcome was reached in the collective agreement negotiations for state civil servants and employees under contract yesterday. The achieved solution applies to 600 members of the OAJ.

01.03.2022 News
Early childhood education teacher: Every euro used for early childhood education is an investment in the future

In her work, early childhood education teacher Maria Patteri sees the great impact that skilled teachers have on children’s growth and learning. However, the shortage of teachers is severe, and Maria believes the situation will only ease once questions related to working conditions and pay have been solved.

25.02.2022 News
Class teacher: The appreciation of teachers should be visible in everyday work

Class teacher Jussi Häikiö has worked in the field of education for the past 20+ years and recognises that, year after year, teaching has become more demanding. Jussi calls for more appreciation for teachers' work in everyday life, such as smaller group sizes and a salary level that corresponds to the demanding nature of the work.

25.02.2022 News
Lecturer in nursing: In addition to student’s development, the value of teachers’ work should be reflected in pay and working conditions

Johanna Sopanen trains future healthcare professionals. For her, students and supporting their professional growth are the number one priority of work. The work takes its toll, however, and the amount of administrative work, for example, seems to increase year by year. Without vocational teachers, we would not have future professionals, which is why the sector’s attractiveness must be safeguarded by competitive salary levels and more funding for education.

25.02.2022 News
Lecturer in mathematics: Universities need to give teachers time to teach and conduct research

Mika Mattila, who works as a lecturer in mathematics at the University of Tampere, enjoys teaching, but is concerned about the well-being of colleagues and the workload that grows year after year. According to him, there is plenty of room for improvement in the ways and conditions of work. Excellence in the labour market can only be achieved if universities provide attractive jobs for teachers.

25.02.2022 News
Study by Taloustutkimus reveals: An increase in the appreciation of the teaching profession during the COVID-19 pandemic

According to a recent study by Taloustutkimus, Finns consider teachers to be one of the most important occupational groups for the country's future. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many have come to realise the difficulty and value of the work of teachers in a deeper way, as a noticeably larger number of people now rated the importance of the teaching profession a full ten out of ten. The OAJ also wants that appreciation to be reflected on the teachers’ pay and working conditions in order for the teaching profession to remain an attractive career option.

23.02.2022 News
OAJ’s survey: Finns think that teachers deserve a salary increase of hundreds of euros

OAJ’s demand that the salary level of employees in the education sector must be corrected using a salary programme is supported by a new survey on salaries conducted by Taloustutkimus.

10.02.2022 News
Implementation of the Compulsory Education Act raises concerns on the adequacy of the funding

The Finnish Government's biggest school policy reform is the extension of compulsory education to everyone under 18 years of age. At the same time, upper secondary edu-cation was made free of charge.

08.12.2021 News
Teachers' coping, recovery from COVID-19 and subsidies

In Finland, the COVID-19 epidemic has tightened its grip again during the autumn, although the proportion of people in the country who have been vaccinated twice is over 80%. The situation will be difficult for children and young people until they, too, are vaccinated.

07.12.2021 News
Teacher register is progressing in Finland

The OAJ's long-term goal of establishing a national teacher register has now progressed closer to implementation. The OAJ has been demanding clarification on the matter for a long time, and now the report is finally due to be completed by the end of the year.

03.12.2021 News