A teacher encourages colleagues to be merciful – being genuinely present is more important than perfection

Reetta Nisonen teaches visual arts for students in both upper comprehensive school and upper secondary school. She also acts as an internship instructor for teacher students. She feels motivation plays a big role in the work of a teacher. She has a clear message for the teacher students concerned about the complexity of the work: the most important thing is not to be perfect but to be present as a human being to learners.

24.03.2021 News
Class teacher: Without education, there is no education nor a functioning society

Joanna Lukkarila teaches primary school pupils in the middle of Helsinki's vibrant city centre. For her, the ultimate meaning of a teacher's work is worth defending: to defend society's equality and provide a fair and caring growth environment for children.

23.03.2021 News
A university lecturer relies on high and concrete goals in his teaching

Jonas Lagerström, a University Lecturer in economics, says that setting goals high motivates students and makes them work harder. The teacher's role also includes helping students understand their own potential and get rid of unnecessary prejudices.

23.03.2021 News
University of Applied Sciences teacher: The best thing about my job is seeing the student's professional growth

Kristiina Mutka-Vierula is a long-standing teacher who wants to highlight the importance of entrepreneurship and community in her work. Still, the best thing about being a teacher at a University of Applied Sciences is seeing how your work as a teacher drives students' professional growth.

23.03.2021 News
Early childhood education teacher: It is a big thing to teach small children

It is important for Aleksi Vehmassalo, an early childhood education teacher, to offer children a safe childhood and growth environment. His work is guided by equality, children’s joy, and the relevance of work. He has a clear solution for the shortage of teachers in the sector.

23.03.2021 News
Study by Taloustutkimus: People value teachers – tokens of appreciation are needed from the decision-makers

Finns consider teachers to be one of the most important occupational groups for the country's future. Almost everyone appreciates the work done by teachers very much. The information is based on a study by Taloustutkimus market research company commissioned by OAJ. OAJ's Chairman Olli Luukkainen is happy with the results but reminds that appreciation must also be shown by deeds.

23.03.2021 Press release
OAJ has chosen all Finnish teachers as Education Influencers of the year 2020 – exceptional circumstances have emphasised professional skills

OAJ's Executive Board has awarded the the Education Influencer of the year award to all Finnish teachers. Olli Luukkainen, the President of the OAJ, announced the recipients of the recognition at the teaching and education sector event Educa that was held online this year.

23.03.2021 News
Agreement for the private social services sector – Competitiveness Pact provisions removed and pay rises according to the general policy

The special regulations applicable to the working hours of early childhood education teachers and special teachers working at private daycare centres as well as the heads of daycare centres will remain nearly the same for the next two years.

29.06.2020 News
The decisions on kiky (Competitiveness Pact) concerning the state special education institutions’ teaching staff

The Kiky hours in their current form will be removed from the state special education institutions’ teaching staff from 1 August onwards. For other employees covered by the Collective Agreement for State Civil Servants and Employees Under Contract, the hours will be removed from 1 October onwards. The Kiky negotiation result concerning the state special education institutions’ teaching staff was reached last week in negotiations with the Office for the Government as Employer.

03.06.2020 News
Agreement for private Avainta day-care centres – removal of the Competitiveness Pact, salary increases in line with the general policy

The AVAINTES collective agreement, negotiated by OAJ and Avainta Employers, is in line with the labour market’s general policy. The duration of the agreement period, beginning retrospectively on 1 April, is 23 months and the agreement’s total amount of salary increases corresponds with the general policy. The working time regulations of the Competitiveness Pact will be removed from 17 August 2020 onwards.

01.06.2020 News
Tehy and Super blocked proposed solution – agreement must be reached without Sote

The negotiating organisation Sote, which comprises Tehy and Super, blocked the public sector employees’ conciliation solution. Now, Public Sector Professionals JUKO is proposing to negotiate with Local Government Employers without Sote.

30.04.2020 Press release
Agreement reached for central government sector – specific collective agreement negotiations still ahead

An outcome in line with the general policy was reached in the collective agreement negotiations for state civil servants and employees early on Tuesday night. The length of the agreement period is 23 months starting on 1 April 2020. The pay settlement follows general policy.

03.04.2020 News
Outcome reached in the state sector negotiations

An outcome was reached in the collective agreement negotiations for state civil servants and employees under contract today. The achieved solution applies to 600 members of the OAJ.

31.03.2020 News
Agreement reached for the private education sector: removal of the Competitiveness Pact regulations, general salary increases

The private education sector agreement, negotiated by OAJ and the Finnish Education Employers, is in line with the labour market’s general policy. The working time regulations of the Competitiveness Pact will be removed. The duration of the agreement period, beginning on 1 April, is 24 months and the cost impact of the agreement is 3.2 per cent.

27.03.2020 News
University sector has a new collective bargaining agreement

A collective bargaining result was reached at the university sector on March 22, 2020. The content can now be published after all negotiating parties have accepted the result. The new collective agreement is in effect for 24 months, from April 1, 2020 until March 31, 2022.

27.03.2020 News