Peter Nyman: My teacher inspired me to want to learn more

Journalist and author Peter Nyman recalls his primary school teacher with a warm feeling. Encouragement from his teacher, along with cinefilm movies, sparked an interest to learn more about history, geography and culture when he was only a child. Petri saw his teachers also as fatherly figures who provided him with valuable support even during his wild teenage years.

04.10.2021 News
Dramatic shift: Six in ten Finnish teachers are now considering career change

OAJ’s survey published today reports that well over half of Finnish teachers have considered career change. The most common reasons for considering career change were the burden of work, increased workload and wage level. The President of OAJ demands that politicians and employers realise the gravity of the situation and solve the problems pushing teachers away from the sector.

28.09.2021 News
The system reform is progressing with a few issues – membership services are congested

The OAJ registry system was changed during the summer. The members can see the change most clearly in the renewed Omat tiedot section. There were a lot of problems with the deployment, which has caused severe congestion in the membership service.

24.08.2021 News
The President of Finland’s greeting to all the teachers and learners

The President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, sends his thank you to every young person, teacher and staff member of every school, ECEC centre and other educational institution in his video greeting.

05.06.2021 News
The cooperation negotiations have been concluded – the University of the Arts made the positions of 80 teachers and researchers permanent

The Labour Court’s decision changed the fixed-term teaching task tradition. The duties of lecturers and professors included in the career-based system will also be made permanent.

26.03.2021 News
Piano teacher: Learning requires a feeling that we are on the same side

Born into a family of musicians, Kari Tikkala has become an award-winning concert pianist in his career. His career as a musician has taught him much, which is now useful as a teacher. Kari believes that studies in music brings many benefits and much joy also to those who end up in careers in other industries.

24.03.2021 News
Vocational teacher: Experiences of success build student's belief in themselves

Vocational teacher Kimmo Siuruainen says that commitment to work starts from understanding what kind of example he gives to young students. In addition to professional competence, a teacher is required to be resolute, understanding and sometimes caring.

24.03.2021 News
Upper secondary school language teacher: The most important thing in the work is human interaction

Pirjo Väli-Torala dreamed of being a teacher from an early age as she enjoyed school so much. Twenty years as an upper secondary school language teacher has also taught her as a teacher. Even in the midst of reforms, she thinks it important for a teacher to have time to meet a student as a person.

24.03.2021 News
The principal directs, inspires and leads the work community in the right direction

As a teacher, Tuula Herkepeus, the principal of the Kivimaa school, saw how important a teacher is for a child's growth. Now, as a principal, Tuula is happy to have a committed and motivated work community around her. Everyday work is guided by courage, kindness, freedom and responsibility.

24.03.2021 News
Director of a daycare centre: Increasing positivity and openness to the world are the core tasks of education

When Annukka Hulkkonen graduated from the University of Oulu in 1996, early childhood education had only been accepted as a university subject a year earlier. Hulkkonen was the only student in her class to have completed a bachelor's degree in early childhood education. Throughout her long career, she has seen an increase in the prestige of the sector but also an increase in the complexity of the work.

24.03.2021 News
"It is a rewarding moment when a child goes to play with a smile after crying"

Samira Ouazizi is studying to become an early childhood education teacher and, as a teacher, she wants to guarantee for every child a safe opportunity to develop on their own. It is an important job, but the importance alone is not enough to make up for the shortage of teachers. Samira has a clear opinion on the matter: more salary.

24.03.2021 News
A teacher encourages colleagues to be merciful – being genuinely present is more important than perfection

Reetta Nisonen teaches visual arts for students in both upper comprehensive school and upper secondary school. She also acts as an internship instructor for teacher students. She feels motivation plays a big role in the work of a teacher. She has a clear message for the teacher students concerned about the complexity of the work: the most important thing is not to be perfect but to be present as a human being to learners.

24.03.2021 News
Class teacher: Without education, there is no education nor a functioning society

Joanna Lukkarila teaches primary school pupils in the middle of Helsinki's vibrant city centre. For her, the ultimate meaning of a teacher's work is worth defending: to defend society's equality and provide a fair and caring growth environment for children.

23.03.2021 News
A university lecturer relies on high and concrete goals in his teaching

Jonas Lagerström, a University Lecturer in economics, says that setting goals high motivates students and makes them work harder. The teacher's role also includes helping students understand their own potential and get rid of unnecessary prejudices.

23.03.2021 News
University of Applied Sciences teacher: The best thing about my job is seeing the student's professional growth

Kristiina Mutka-Vierula is a long-standing teacher who wants to highlight the importance of entrepreneurship and community in her work. Still, the best thing about being a teacher at a University of Applied Sciences is seeing how your work as a teacher drives students' professional growth.

23.03.2021 News