Local associations and sub-associations


Our operations are founded on active local associations and their sub-associations.

Each of our member belongs to a local association, as membership in OAJ occurs through the local associations. There are close to 300 local associations.

OAJ members unionise in local associations according to their municipality or employer. Local associations can have sub-associations based on specific teacher groups or schools, i.e. teachers’ associations.

What is my association?

Your association is determined by your level/field of education or the school/employer you represent. Ask your school’s contact teacher or log in to OAJ’s website for your association’s contact details.

Municipality and employer-specific local associations are also listed on our membership application form. If you change jobs, you may have to transfer to a different local association.

Membership application form

Local advocacy and vocational networking

Local associations bring together all of the education, training and research professionals employed by the same municipality or employer. They are responsible for local advocacy, and OAJ has granted them the right to negotiate and make agreements.

Local associations and their sub-associations play a significant part in promoting the solidarity of professionals in the field of education, training and research. In addition, they arrange joint training and recreation events for their members.