National associations


Our members unionise in national districts and associations based on the level/field of education or educational institution they represent.

National districts and associations compile their members’ advocacy and organisational policy goals and create motions, proposals and organise training.

National districts and associations

Early Childhood Education Teachers Union in Finland (VOL) is an early childhood education expert organisation, which advocates for early childhood education teachers and promotes the recognition of early childhood education and children’s rights.

Early Childhood Education Teachers Union in Finland (VOL)

The OAJ General Education Teachers (OAJ-YSI) group includes basic education and upper secondary school teachers and some general adult education teachers.

The Organisation of Swedish-speaking Teachers in Finland FSL is a national district which includes Swedish-speaking general education teachers and principals.

Finlands Svenska Lärarförbund FSL

The Union for University Teachers and Researchers (YLL) advocates on behalf of teachers, researchers and education administrators working at universities.

Union for University Teachers and Researchers (YLL)

The association for experts in the education sector (Opsia) is a national advocacy group for leading and independent experts in the education sector and early childhood education.

Association for Experts in the Education Sector (Opsia)

The Teacher Student Union of Finland (SOOL) is a national advocacy and co-operation organisation for all student teachers.

Teacher Student Union of Finland (SOOL)

Retired Teachers in Finland (OSJ) is a national advocacy group for retired education sector professionals.

Retired Teachers in Finland (OSJ)

Pedagogical teacher unions

Pedagogical teacher unions bring together teachers of a specific subject. All of the unions have their own organisations, goals and membership services.

Pedagogical teacher unions are associate members of OAJ. They develop the teaching, training and content of their subject.

You can join a pedagogical teacher union by contacting the organisation’s president or secretary. Pedagogical teacher unions have a separate union fee. Members receive advisory services, newsletters or other materials.

Aikuislukioiden opettajat AIO (Teachers of Upper Secondary School for Adults)Alkuopetuksen Opettajain Liitto AOOL (Preschool Teachers’ Union)Biologian ja maantieteen opettajien liitto BMOL (Association of Biology and Geography Teachers BMOL)Eri kieli- ja kulttuuritaustaisten opettajien liitto EKKOL (Union of Teachers with Different Linguistic and Cultural Backgrounds)Filosofian ja elämänkatsomustiedon opettajat FETO (Union of Philosophy and Ethics Teachers)Finnish Drama/Theatre Education AssociationFinsklärarföreningen (Union of Finnish Teachers in Swedish-speaking Schools)Historian ja yhteiskuntaopin opettajien liitto HYOL (The Association for Teachers of History and Social Studies in Finland)Kotitalousopettajien liitto (Union of Home Economics Teachers)Koulujen Musiikinopettajat (Union of Music Teachers in Schools)Kuvataideopettajat (Art Teachers)Latinankielen opettajien yhdistys (Association of Latin Teachers)Liikunnan ja Terveystiedon Opettajat LIITO (Association of Physical and Health Educators in Finland LIITO)» Maa- ja metsätalousopettajat MMO (Association of Agriculture and Forestry Teachers), see Association of Biology and Geography TeachersMatemaattisten Aineiden Opettajien Liitto MAOL (Union of Mathematics and Science Teachers MAOL)Oman äidinkielen opettajatPsykologianopettajat PSOP (Association for Teachers of Psychology (PSOP))Suomen englanninopettajat (Association of English Teachers in Finland)Suomen erityiskasvatuksen liitto Sel (Union of Special Education in Finland (Sel))Suomen espanjanopettajat (Association of Spanish Teachers in Finland)Suomen harjoittelukoulujen opettajat SUHO (Association of Teachers in Teacher Training Schools in Finland)Suomen italianopettajien yhdistys (Association of Italian Teachers in Finland)Suomen Luokanopettajat (Association of Classroom Teachers in Finland)Suomen opinto-ohjaajat SOPO (Association of Guidance Counsellors in Finland)Suomen ranskanopettajain yhdistys (Association of French Teachers in Finland)Suomen Rehtorit (Association of Principals in Finland)Suomen ruotsinopettajat (Association of Swedish Teachers in Finland)Suomen Saksanopettajat (Association of German Teachers in Finland)Suomenopettajat (Teachers of Finnish as a Second Language)Suomen uskonnonopettajain liitto SUOL (SUOL – Association for RE Teachers in Finland)Suomen venäjänopettajat (Association of Russian Teachers in Finland)Svenska modersmålslärarföreningen i Finland (Teachers of Swedish as a Native Language in Finland)Taloustiedon Opettajat TTOP (Economics Teachers)Tekniikan Opettajat TOP (Technology Teachers in Vocational Schools)Teknisten aineiden opettajat TAO (Association of Technology Teachers TAO)Tekstiiliopettajaliitto TOL (Association of Craft Teachers TOL)Äidinkielen opettajain liitto (Association of Teachers of Finnish as a Mother Tongue)