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Second notice of strike issued in the municipal sector – threat of strike in Tampere and Kuopio

OAJ and the negotiating organisation JUKO are now issuing a second notice of strike. The notice of strike concerns the cities of Tampere and Kuopio. The strike would involve 4,000 members of the OAJ.

11.03.2022 News
Threat of municipal sector strike in Jyväskylä and Rovaniemi 23–24 March 

OAJ and its negotiation organisation JUKO are involved in the extensive municipal sector strike that will initially concern the cities of Jyväskylä and Rovaniemi. The union employees of JUKO will strike on 23–24 March 2022, unless a solution to the agreement is found or the strike is postponed before these dates.  The strike would concern over 2,200 OAJ members in Jyväskylä and Rovaniemi. 

07.03.2022 News
Ban on overtime and shift change for OAJ members in municipal sector

An extensive ban on overtime and shift change will become effective in the municipal sector and applies also to the members of OAJ. The ban on overtime and shift changes was announced by the negotiating organisations JUKO and JAU.

02.03.2022 News
Frequently asked questions regarding the ban on overtime and shift change

We have compiled here some questions and answers regarding the ban on overtime and shift change. The page will be updated during the agreement negotiation process.

02.03.2022 Content page
Outcome reached in the state sector negotiations

An outcome was reached in the collective agreement negotiations for state civil servants and employees under contract yesterday. The achieved solution applies to 600 members of the OAJ.

01.03.2022 News
OAJ’s survey: Finns think that teachers deserve a salary increase of hundreds of euros

OAJ’s demand that the salary level of employees in the education sector must be corrected using a salary programme is supported by a new survey on salaries conducted by Taloustutkimus.

10.02.2022 News
Agreement for the private social services sector – Competitiveness Pact provisions removed and pay rises according to the general policy

The special regulations applicable to the working hours of early childhood education teachers and special teachers working at private daycare centres as well as the heads of daycare centres will remain nearly the same for the next two years.

29.06.2020 News
The decisions on kiky (Competitiveness Pact) concerning the state special education institutions’ teaching staff

The Kiky hours in their current form will be removed from the state special education institutions’ teaching staff from 1 August onwards. For other employees covered by the Collective Agreement for State Civil Servants and Employees Under Contract, the hours will be removed from 1 October onwards. The Kiky negotiation result concerning the state special education institutions’ teaching staff was reached last week in negotiations with the Office for the Government as Employer.

03.06.2020 News
Agreement for private Avainta day-care centres – removal of the Competitiveness Pact, salary increases in line with the general policy

The AVAINTES collective agreement, negotiated by OAJ and Avainta Employers, is in line with the labour market’s general policy. The duration of the agreement period, beginning retrospectively on 1 April, is 23 months and the agreement’s total amount of salary increases corresponds with the general policy. The working time regulations of the Competitiveness Pact will be removed from 17 August 2020 onwards.

01.06.2020 News
Tehy and Super blocked proposed solution – agreement must be reached without Sote

The negotiating organisation Sote, which comprises Tehy and Super, blocked the public sector employees’ conciliation solution. Now, Public Sector Professionals JUKO is proposing to negotiate with Local Government Employers without Sote.

30.04.2020 Press release