Teacher students can join the Teacher Student Union of Finland (SOOL), which is OAJ’s special student union.

You can join SOOL through your member association, i.e. through your local teacher student association. Students at universities of applied sciences and other teacher student without a student association can join SOOL directly as an individual member on SOOL’s website.

As a member of SOOL, you receive the same benefits as OAJ’s members.


Unemployment security already for students

As a member of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund you are not automatically a member of SOOL. You can, however, join the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund after even a brief period as a substitute teacher in the education and training sector, enabling you to accrue unemployment security already during your studies.

For more information on unemployment security and joining the fund, please visit SOOL’s website, office or local ombudsman.


Graduating as a teacher

You should join OAJ immediately when you begin your first job in the training, education or research sector.

Graduating as a teacher