Benefit for light entrepreneurs

Akava has a benefit for light entrepreneurs! As a member of OAJ, you can invoice your work as a light entrepreneur without a Business ID through the Palkkioplus service, for up to EUR 1,000. As a member of OAJ, you are entitled to the Platinum service level.

Do you also do billable work?

As a light entrepreneur, you do not need an accountant or income register declaration; instead, Palkkioplus will take care of it for you. All you need to do is enter your billing information into the system and the Palkkioplus service will take care of everything from there, all the way until you receive your commission.

Read more about Palkkkioplus and register here.

Register with your OAJ ID or the Memberplus ID. The service will recognize your membership and you will be entitled to the service level provided by OAJ.