Here you will find answers to many frequently asked questions concerning the preparedness of the union. The page will be updated during the spring

Will OAJ go on strike?

OAJ has increased its preparedness in anticipation of a difficult spring bargaining process. This does not automatically mean a strike, however. Our first goal is always to reach an agreement through negotiations. Any strike-related decisions are made by OAJ Executive Board.

Will every OAJ member go on strike?

If we are forced to take industrial action, they concern, in principle, all OAJ members, including principals, other supervisors and employee representatives. In practice the limits of strike activity determine the member groups, localities and educational institutions involved. The union determines the limits of strike activity, not the employer. If the decision to go on strike is made, all members will be informed. The most concerned members will be informed separately.

I dont want to go on strike, do I have to?

When a union makes the decision to go strike, every person who performs duties which fall within the scope of the industrial action is obligated to observe the unions decision.

If Im not a member of OAJ, can I/ do I have to go on strike?

It is work that is placed on strike, not people. A non-unionised employee may take part in a strike without being sanctioned by their employer. Strike benefits, however, are only paid to members of OAJ.

Can I resign from OAJ on the occasion of a strike, and reinstate it after the strike is over?

The union keeps close track of changes in membership during industrial action. If a member resigns from the union at the end of the collective agreement period or upon learning of a notice of strike, the member is placed under a waiting period, after which they can reinstate their membership in the union. Each case is processed individually based on the conditions at the given time.

Can my employer forbid me from joining the strike?

No it cannot. It is a fundamental right. The union determines the limits of strike activity, in other words, the duties and places of work that the strike concerns.

How much is the strike benefit?

OAJ Executive Board has set the strike benefit at 120 euros per day in 2020. The benefit will be paid for all the working days for which the employee is not paid by the employer.

Can I take annual holidays during the strike?

Employers do not have the right to postpone or interrupt any approved annual holidays on account of an industrial conflict.

What should I do if the strike begins during my winter holiday?

A winter holiday that begins before the strike will continue regardless of the strike and end in accordance with the approved holiday. An employee who returns to work after a holiday notifies the employer that their holiday has ended and that they are now on strike. Otherwise the absence can be interpreted as unauthorized. Normal annual holiday pay is paid for annual holidays but the employer is not obligated to pay holiday bonus for winter holidays preceding a strike.

What should I do if my annual holiday begins during the strike?

If your approved annual holiday starts during the strike and the strike lasts too long for you to take the holiday, the holiday will be postponed. If the strike exceeds the end of the holiday season (April 30), you can agree with your employer to save the holidays for later (carried-over holiday). Alternatively, you can agree to take your winter holidays within a year from the end of the holiday season. If your employer refuses to let you save your winter holidays or take it later, the employer must pay holiday compensation.

How will the strike affect me if I am abroad with pupils/students?

The scope of the industrial conflict is explained in the notice of strike (strike warning). It details the duties included in and excluded from the strike. We are aware that many camps and school trips in Finland and abroad have been planned for April-May. These will be taken into account in the planning of the strike.

Can a teacher be assigned to emergency work?

The employer determines the limits of emergency work and protection work but teaching, training or research cannot be defined as such.

Will supervisors need to prepare a plan on how to run a school/day care center in the event of a strike?

No, that is not part of supervisors official duties.

Do teachers have to plan independent work for missed classes?


Do I have to notify my employer if I go on strike?

No. Employees are under no obligation to give advance notice to their employer of participation in a strike. The union will handle the related communications in a centralized manner.

Is my employer allowed to ask if I intend to go on strike (i.e. try to find out whether I am union member)?

No they are not. Employers do not have the right to gather information about the union membership of individual employees to prepare for a strike. This concerns all members, supervisory positions included. Such enquiries will be interpreted as attempts to break the strike. The union will address every such attempt.

Am I allowed to travel abroad during the strike?

The strike may end abruptly at very short notice. You are obligated to be available to your employer immediately after the strike ends.

If the strike begins, will the work days be carried over to the summer period?

No they will not.

If I am a member and we go on strike, can I get into personal trouble?

No you cannot. The union takes responsibility for the strike. For up-to-date information about the status of negotiations in different agreement sectors can be found at

What should I do if the strike becomes reality?

Make sure that your contact details are up-to-date. Follow OAJs bulletins, news on the OAJ website and the information channels of your local union branch.

If you have further questions concerning the strike, please email us



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